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You and your friends decide to have a Sunday morning ritual - watching the NFL. They start coming over, you pull out the appetizers your wife made, then you pull out the beer - Budweiser, Coors Light, and Busch Light. There's something there for everyone, right?

Wrong. The popular commercialized beer is not that popular anymore. Every month, more and more people are buying hand crafted beer, from all around the world. You decide to check out this new market.

It's Saturday night. You go shopping, with a few suggestions for hand crafted beer from your friends, like Australian Redback. You get to the store - and they don't have it. You try the liquor store - nothing. You call all the other stores in your area - nothing. Now what?

You can use your commercialized beer for this game, then tell your friends that you will have Australian Redback next Sunday. That's right - you can brew beer in under a week.

Brewing your own beer has many pros, and very few cons. Not only is it satisfying to know that you and everyone around you is drinking and enjoying something you made, but you literally have control over everything. You decide the wheat, the hops, the flavor, even the bottle! If you want to put your beer in the old style jugs with clay on the bottoms, you can do it.

If you have any questions relating to in which and how to use birra aventinus, you can contact us at our own website. Brewing your beer is also a self sustaining method. Think of all the beer cans, even if you recycled them, won't be going through your doors. The bottles you have to use? You can easily wash them, sanitize them, and use them again (don't worry, using the right procedure, this is absolutely safe). Not only that, but what you are using to create your beer are all living things - which means no chemicals.

You can even create your own custom label!

In a recent study in my hometown of Dubuque, Iowa (which is a HUGE alcohol city), 64% of volunteers preferred an exotic, home brewed, or hard to find beer. Giving their lists of favorites, it was quickly realized that there were only maybe two places in the entire city that sold the beer, and those were high end bars.