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Services and Fees

Development, registration of a( that is non-resident) company in Cyprus. Provision of a office that is registered assistant for a Cyprus company formation EURO 1 750
The cost of the accounts that are annual for the company is dependent upon the amount of deals. We cooperate with exercising auditors and accountants who can offer these services at extremely costs that are reasonable which are constantly agreed ahead of time aided by the client

Additional Services:
Apostilling of this papers (might be needed by foreign banks and authorities if the company papers will be used outside Cyprus) EURO 120
Virtual office for an company that is offshore Cyprus including mail forwarding and fax/phone line - please ask for details
Next and subsequent years payments for the company that is offshore Cyprus registered workplace address and secretary EURO 690
An annual fixed responsibility of EURO 350 will be paid to the Registrar by 30 June. The work is not applicable to companies that are dormanti.e. businesses without any turnover in current 12 months) and to those perhaps not purchasing any assets. A declaration must be made by the Company Director in any case. Then there will be a penalty of 10% if the duty is not paid on time but is paid within 2 months from due date. In case it is paid within 5 months from due date, there will be a penalty of 30%. In the event that responsibility just isn't paid within 5 months from deadline, the businesses Registrar will strike the company off from Registry.
To be aware of cyprus company information and cyprus company registry, please visit the website cyprus company information.Cyprus has emerged as extremely attractive destination for international citizens attempting to relocate or work right here. Often, most of them have questions regarding going or starting a company here. Our solicitors in Cyprus have answered some of the most usually asked questions by international citizens.

1. do you know the actions of company litigation instances in Cyprus?

Business litigation proceedings in Cyprus are resolved by the District Courts or by the Arbitration Court. Each situation is tried individually and that's why the procedures will also be specific for each one of them.

2. Exactly what are the primary aspects that are legal should be aware of about company development in Cyprus?

Starting a company in Cyprus doesn't take very very long because foreign investors have the rights that are same neighborhood residents. Once you've determined the kind of company you wish to register, you need to select a continuing business name, prepare the papers of incorporation and submit these with the Cypriot Trade Register. Our attorney in Cyprus can make suggestions through the registration procedure.

3. Exactly what are the basic legal demands for foreign investors attempting to invest in Cyprus?

There are not any share capital demands for most kinds of organizations. You must deposit a minimum share money of approximately 26,000 euros if you want to start a general public company.