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penny stocks biotechNanophase stocks

The stock began exchanging at $3.75 plus the rates have actually escalated, rising to $16.75. In the percentage it represents a rise of 347%. For any investor this will clearly be what one is looking for.

Immunomedics stocks

This has been among the highest trading that is recorded registering an improvement of 1922%. Having started trading at $1.44 it is now investing at $29.12. While preparing a list of penny stocks like this, we discovered it essential to emphasize the improvement that is significant these stocks have made.

Total Renal Care stocks

The stocks started trade at $3.12 and now have risen to $26.95. This may be a growth of about 741%. They are one of the better stocks to invest in.

Voxwares stocks

This is another performer during the market. Having started trade at lower than a dollar the stock rose to trade at $10.31. Entering the market at %0.90 this is an improvement of about 1046per cent.

Corvas stocks

The stocks started trade at $3.00 and rose all of the real option to $23.25. This is usually a improvement that is remarkable at heart that the increase is about 675%. This is what makes investment regarding the penny stocks easy and profitable.

Cytogen stocks

The stocks penetrated the market at $2.12 and also have since increased to $17.50. This represents a noticable difference of 725%. It's the good performances of such traders that make trade on penny stocks attractive.

Verilink stocks

The stock began trade at $3.00 while the prices have actually improved to $14.62. This is a growth of about 387%. It suggests that investment in penny stocks should indeed be a profitable endeavor.
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Netegrity stocks

The organization began investing at $2.18 and is now exchanging at $78. This represents a rise of about 3487per cent within the trading duration. It really is apparent that a few other stocks would not move anywhere near this much in the grid. This business indicates a improvement that is remarkable the trading market.

Visionics stocks

The organization started trade at $4.38 and it has climbed up to $21. This represents a growth of about 379%. The growth that is remarkable the changes that occur when exchanging on penny stocks that have a substantial change in costs.

Cellstar stocks

The stocks started exchanging at $1.44 and they are now investing at $13.50. It is an increase of 837%. This adds up to the listing of penny stocks that are making improvements that are significant the time they have been dealing.

Iomega stocks

This stock started exchanging at $3.25 and has improved to trade at $13.90. An improvement is represented by it of approximately 328 %. This is a improvement that is significant can dispose of any question that anybody are having on buying penny stocks.