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Eliminate mobs that happen to be WEAKER than you are. Save you on DOWN-TIME (sitting around waiting for manna, awaiting wellness, or run from the cemetery). Kill mobs 2-3 levels out, although you will get less EXP points per eliminate, will give you more EXP factors for time, which is exactly what Power leveling is focused on - have just as much EXP areas as possible at the shortest amount of time.
Go after the mobs have, quest is much more efficient - Killing mob an as throng B is the same for your needs, if they're similar levels, you will get similar EXP. However, if you may have a quest for many mob, you create more EXP areas than if you do not, per kill (plus all of the silver and items which have it).
Class is than solamente - in many situation being in an organization will make you even more EXP spots than whenever you are soloing. Yes you get little EXP information than you'll get should you choose it yourself, but you will kill most, and you may reduce DOWN-TIME, that is if the crowd understand how to exercise...
In a group? Want show - missions may be show, you're in a bunch? Express your missions and ask many to accomplish identical. Organizing tends to be exciting in addition to an excellent Power leveling means.
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