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leslie pooleZigBee is definitely an available wireless system communication protocol in line with the IEEE specification IEEE 802.15.4, which enables the Controller to keep in touch with its Modules via broadcast Frequency. The conventional is really a growth of the ZigBee Alliance, that was founded into the end of 2002. It is an industry alliance in excess of 230 enterprises who use up the development that is worldwide of technology. The initial ZigBee products came on the market at first of 2005. Because Zigbee standardises only the reduced protocol layers (radio layer), the different manufacturers have actually defined their higher pc software levels. As being a total result zigBee devices of various manufacturers are not compatible with one another.

Reliability of Communication: Yes. A mesh that is wireless is developed and guarantees multiple path routing to every module which translates to long reach, and high dependability in case of disturbance and even in case there is in-path device failure.
Safety of Communication: No. Zigbee utilizes weak hashing algorithms and has been researched become penetrable. Penetration is not easy but computer software tools such as "Killerbee" exist and can allow anyone with little Linux and scripting experience to hack into a current Zigbee network.
Price: No
Features and Capabilities: Yes
Investment Protection: Yes
Interoperability: No
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Future assistance

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