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digital integrationSpace platforms

All current formats, which are the following, are PCM based.

CCIR 601 employed for broadcast channels
MPEG-4 great for online circulation of big videos
MPEG-2 used for DVDs and Super-VCDs
MPEG-1 useful for video CDs
H.264 also known as MPEG-4 Part 10, or as AVC
Theora standardized but nevertheless in development. employed for video on the internet.


Betacam SX, Betacam IMX, Digital Betacam
D1, D2, D3, D5, D9 (also referred to as Digital-S)
DV, MiniDV - utilized in nearly all of today's consumer cameras
DVCAM, DVCPRO - utilized in professional broadcast operations
Digital8 -
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Features and abilities: it's important that automation technologies rise above just controlling specific modules and are capable to integrate with other systems most typically activity since that can be an part of high usage of any home owner. Example: Easy Integration with Multi-room musical Systems, Multi-room multimedia distribution systems (Movies, Videos, images, Music)...etc.
Investment Protection: you will need to ensure that installed Controller or Modules can be simply replaced as time goes by. Start thinking about having installed something which includes some components fail after 5 years, and also at the time that is same the organization which installed it became bankrupt. The house owner is left without any option but to totally revamp the entire electrical system in the residence which will cost more with time, labor, and gear that what was originally taken care of the automation system. Having something that is standardized means some other business can support it or replace particular parts with different items, possibly from various vendors, in order to ensure proceeded operation.
Interoperability: This requirements means the capability associated with Controller to speak to modules that are multiple different manufacturers. This can ensure that a system consists with Lighting, HVAC, Curtains, Appliances, and Multimedia Control Modules are purchased from different manufacturers that are the most effective or most specific in those industries. This ensures that something gets the best-in class Modules for every purpose that is particular. It isn't logical that the most useful maker of light dimmers is also top manufacturer of curtain control systems, or audio systems. Some interaction protocols are closed or proprietary, thus forcing the consumer to buy sets from a manufacturer that is single. This criteria also overlaps using the Investment Protection Criteria since having an system that is interoperable offer future freedom to easily replace Modules even if the business which installed them has closed down.