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2827 Cardinal Lane
Springfield, Illinois 62701
United States
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My goal is simple: I will do my very best to help you to reach LOC 1000 (levels of consciousness calibrated at 1000)

spiritual transmissionAnother way to state my goal is this: I will do my very best to help you awaken to your true nature.

The only way I can accomplish this is by giving you – RASA Shaktipat.

I am a certified RASA Giver or RASA Facilitator. A RASA Giver is basically someone who has trained by Ramaji or Ananda Devi to give RASA to spiritual seekers.

RASA is the only tool in my spiritual repository. I don’t need anything else, really.

You see, I don’t really see myself as a spiritual teacher. Instead viewing myself as a Teacher, I view myself as a "RASA Giver" or "RASA Facilitator". As a "RASA Giver" or "RASA Facilitator", my job is to give you RASA and "finish" you off. Thus, I am a "spiritual finisher" whose job is to finish his students’ spiritual search and set them free in the wild.

However, I do offer pointers and insights into your current Level of consciousness (LOC) state and will help you to refine your current practice, that is If you are practicing any particular technique that I am familiar with. For example: I can help you with Self-inquiry as I have extensive experience in Self-inquiry meditation.

If you are a spiritual seeker who is looking for breaking past the finish line (not just dreaming or talking about it), RASA can help you tremendously. You can keep your existing sadhana or practice in the mean time.

My goal as a RASA giver is to make myself obsolete. Let RASA, the energy of divine, be your liberating power and teacher.