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My best advice for your spring cleaning tips is to do a simple body detox according to your body type. There are twelve body type options in Ayurveda. However there are three main descriptions.
First there is this type, a person with a high metabolic rate. This would be a person that doesn't have weight issues, who is slender looking. This person when imbalanced will complain of anxiety, constipation, and insomnia. This body detox is done by cleaning the nervous system. The master cleanse concept here is to lubricate he system using an herb that is target specific for the nervous system as the main ingredient.
Secondly, is the body type that gets acid reflux, feels hot easily, and will get hypoglycemia if they do not eat lunch on time. This body type needs an acid body detox and needs to use herbs and lubricant to purge the gastrointestinal tract of acid food by products.
The third type is the person who gains weight if they look at food, as the saying goes. This person has had weight issues all their life and needs to be unclogged and fat scrapped off after every major holiday because they have such slow metabolism that everything just clogs up.
It is important to have an ayurvedic specialist to help you understand your doshas and how you get natural a backlog of physiological poisons. In Ayurveda there is an ancient system of body detox that has been being practiced for centuries and all specific to your body type.
My teacher and friend Dr. Narendra Pendse, tells me that in the hospital in Pune, India where he volunteers and worked for the last seventeen years that in a week the staff guides a 1000 people through these individualized master cleanses.
It is also of extreme importance to realize you must eat a proper body detox diet that includes three days before the body detox and seven days after the body detox that you must adhere strictly to a diet that is exact to your body type and imbalance. If you do not understand this, as many of the people that I have seen will tell you they have more digestive problems after a "bad " fasting than before they did before the body detox.
Ayurveda also takes into consideration what season you are choosing to do the master cleanse. The reason why is because the time of year dictates the toxic effect on the tissue. In the summer digestive toxins will initiate overheating and acidic accumulation. In the winter, toxins will be aggravated by cold and dry weather leading to dryness in the gastrointestinal tract and causing a dehydration of tissues. The poisonsry in the tissue and become embedded into the walls of the large intestines.
Due to these individual aspects of the inner cleanse process it is important to have an ayurvedic specialist guide you through the cleanse.