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You have to realize that only a portion of girls like these type of traits in a man, but not all girls are like this. These type of girls are a very specific kind. And the truth is, we'll probably never cross paths with these type of women.

Well, this is the kind of relationship a lot of guys get into mostly because they want to stop "playing the field" and they want to "settle down." But what "settle down" really means is this: Lock in some woman that you can comfortably keep around. A woman who will simply "settle" with you.

But I understand that there are guys who don't know the first thing about making their girlfriends happy, or still need some guidance in dating their girl. Fret not, because right now I am going to teach you the five golden rules in maintaining a happy relationship!

To make any relationship work there has to be some sacrifice. I know people that have been married for over 40 years that's right 40 years. How in the world have they lasted so long? Do you think that they lasted that long because everything always went perfect? Heck no its because they learned at the very beginning that they both needed to make sacrifices and compromise.

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Anyway, after you know the theory of what your doing your going to need to take action. Everyday. You must be persistent in your journey and only ever accept success.

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It's true. While it all sounds like it is what works, you quickly find out that this is not the case. website find out that attracting women is not as simple as just being a nice guy. It takes more than that to attract a girlfriend. You can't rely on just being a nice guy for too long before seeing that this is not the best advice that you can get.

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