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airport taxi transportation from cancun to tulumYou will destroy your tires and wreck havoc with the suspension your car if you fly over the speed bumps or topes along route 307. They are NOT speed that is american. Also crawling over them is jarring. Drive gradually and treat them with respect.


Stay well inside the rate limitation, specially through Playa del Carmen. The policia are friendly and formal and will write that you ticket and you also will be required to let them have your license that will be returned to you when you appear at the police place in Cancun to pay your fine.

Then ask if you can pay the fine on the spot if you should happen to get stopped, it is acceptable to profusely apologize, saying that you did not understand the laws and. Provide the officer $20 US. He will probably maybe not take it in the beginning, but you may get out of a trip to the police station if you are persistent, polite, and sincere. Yes, the money will in all probability get into his pocket, nevertheless the police in Quintanna Roo make very little money and your large propina (tip) will help feed their household. Think about it being a contribution to a good cause.


The gasoline stations along path 307 are serve that is full when you pull in, an attendant will immediately start filling your tank. Make sure to require a amount that is specific of. Into your tank if you ask him to, "fill it up," no doubt you will end up paying for a few extra gallons that never make it. Yes, you will encounter folks in Mexico working hard to separate your lives you from your hard earned cash. But remember, the average wage is about $5 a day.
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Tulum was a effective Mayan trading post and acted as a slot for Coba. It was the only Mayan City on the coastline. Tulum ended up being thriving throughout the 13-15th century, peaking round the 14th century and still inhabited by Mayans if the Spanish invaded into the sixteenth century. By the change for the century that is 16th was not any longer inhabited. Certain theories suggest there was a crop or plague failure.

Tulum could be the Mayan word for fence, wall surface or trench, but originally the town of Tulum may have been called Zama, meaning dawn. One of the first mentions for the town of Tulum was created by Juan Diaz who was on Juan de Grijalva's expedition in 1518. He had written they sighted a town or town therefore big that Seville will never have showed up larger or better. A really tower that is tall seen there too - undoubtedly a reference to El Castillo.

In 1579, within the writing of Juan de Reigosa's Las Relaciones de Yucatán, Zama is mentioned as being a site that is walled stone buildings, one appeared to be a fortress. Another book, Informe Contra Idolorum Cultores del Obispado de Yucatán, written in Madrid in 1639 by Pedro Sanchez de Aguilar, informs the story of shipwrecked Spaniards regarding the coast of Zama. The initial step-by-step description regarding the ruins with detailed sketches ended up being posted by John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Catherwood in 1843 in their popular guide, Incidents of Travel in Yucatan.

Sylvanus Morley and George P. Howe continued the archaeological work started at Tulum in 1913. After this, work was continued by the Carnegie organization from 1916 to 1922; Samuel Lothrop mapped your website in 1924 and continued work until belated 1920's. Miguel Angel Fernandez worked the site within the 1930s that are late early 1940s, then William Sanders in 1955, and soon after was Arthur Miller in the 1970s.

Today, for the charge of 40 pesos, approximately $4, you'll walk around this ancient Mayan religious ground, consuming the stunning buildings and admiring initial Mayan artwork.

The absolute most significant ruins have actually information plaques explaining what they're while the importance to your site, these are in Spanish, English and Mayan.

El Castillo (The Castle) - this ancient Tulum real-estate ended up being undoubtedly probably the most recognisable and imposing building, plus the vital dealing with the Caribbean Sea. Perched in the cliff top, this castle also acted being a lighthouse.