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soldering iron diy projects9. Finishing - the entire process of covering the pad areas by having a thin layer of solder to prepare the board for the wave that is eventual or reflow soldering process that will happen later on after the elements have now been placed.

10. Silk Screening - the entire process of using the markings for component designations and component outlines to your board. Can be placed on simply the top part or to both sides if elements are attached to both top and bottom sides.

11. Routing - the entire process of splitting boards that are multiple a panel of identical panels; this procedure also permits cutting notches or slots in to the board if needed.

12. Quality Control - a visual assessment for the boards; may also end up being the means of inspecting wall surface quality for plated through holes in multilayer boards by cross-sectioning or other techniques.

13. electric Testing - the entire process of checking for continuity or shorted connections in the boards by means applying a voltage between various points in the board and determining if a current movement does occur. Based upon the board complexity, this procedure may necessitate a particularly designed test fixture and test system to incorporate aided by the test that is electrical utilized by the board manufacturer.
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With copper it is necessary to not miss one step or there might be results that are disastrous. Keep in mind these actions and you will be on your way up to a solder that is perfect every time.

Here you will find the 5 steps you need to take to get a Solder that is perfect Joint time.

Slice the pipeline to size
Clean & debur the pipe
Clean the interior for the suitable
flux the outside associated with pipe therefore the inside the suitable
Time 2 solder

Slice the pipeline to size: assess the period of pipe you shall have to join your piping system together. Using a tubing cutter, cut your pipe to size (make sure to measure twice and cut once).

Clean the pipe: With some sand fabric or paper, sand each end for the pipe until shiny. Make sure the manufactures natural oils are off the pipeline. Rub by having a fabric to eliminate any sand or copper residue.

The deburring device regarding the end of this cutter that is tubing helps in getting rid of the rough edges that could cause leakages in the future. Using your pipe reamer in the cutter that is tubing ream the inside sides associated with copper tubing removing any burr's. You want a edge that is smooth.

Clean your fittings using a brush that is tubing sized for your pipeline. To speed the process along we slice the cleaning brush near the top of the handle and insert inside of my drill.

soldering iron diy projectsTurn your drill speed on clean and high the inside hub associated with the fitting. Until it has been removed if you see any dark spots inside of the fitting keep cleaning the area.