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We see men militating against women and we see women militating against men; but we do not see either side in the gender conflict recognizing differences among men and differences among women.
The problem with the gender wars of the last two and a half decades is that the wrong people - both men and women - got empowered and the wrong people - both men and women - got attacked. The worst women in the history of humanity rode the wave of political correctness; the better women have been getting the wrath of the backlash. The better men got attacked by political correctness; the worst men are leading the Fathers' Rights movement of today. In both cases, the most vicious, most deceptive and most totalitarian-minded elements got to lead the charge on either side; and the people who got trampled under in both situations have been the people of goodwill.
First of all, carolina sweets anal men and women are not homogeneous entities. There are all kinds of men and all kinds of women. It is just as wrong for the fathers' movement to claim to be speaking for men as it is for the politically correct to claim to be speaking for women. Neither was voted by their respective genders into power, and their claim to speak for their gender is illegitimate usurpation on a colossal scale. What we see in each case is the worst elements of each gender claiming to speak for half of humanity without the half of humanity having given them the right to do so, while creating vast coercion upon the rest of their gender to follow them and maliciously attacking those in their gender who would not fall for the movement's party line. Both of these movements are totalitarian-minded usurpations of power, and both therefore pose a threat to liberty and democracy.
Secondly, the men who got attacked in 1990s were never the severe abusers of women, and the women who get attacked now were never the severe wrongdoers among the women. The 1990s political correctness was powerless to do anything to genuinely abusive cultures such as the Muslims, the ghetto and the Nascar Republicans; instead they attacked men in liberal city cultures and academia who are fundamentally positively predisposed toward women and were not the perpetrators of real abuse. Similarly the fathers' rights movement of today has done nothing to real wrondoers such as the leaders of 1990s feminism, who have remained in quite comfortable state in liberal cities and academia. Instead they have attacked the good women - the women who like men enough to be with men and are by the men with whom they have partnered, as egged on, manipulated and abetted by the fathers' rights movement, horribly punished for making the error of liking these men.
What we see in both cases is the worst among the respective gender attacking the better ones in the other gender while creating collossal coercion upon the people in their own gender to be the worst that they can be. And just as I say outright to the fathers' movement that they do not speak for me as a man or as a father, so women should also say and continue to say to the politically correct that they do not speak for them. Most women are better than the politically correct. Most men are better than the fathers' movement. And it is time that more people have courage to say no to the worst elements in their genders and to define their own course of action as apart from these totalitarian usurpers.