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With a purpose to higher serve you, We strive our best to offer probably the most convenient and quickest service for Chinese Visa applicants. In case the power of Appointment Scheduling and e-Fee just isn't out there for the involved Indian mission, then applicant has to take the printout of the online utility form and go to the involved Indian Mission to submit the same together with supporting documents and make the cost.

Nonetheless, this charge shall be indicative solely and final charge shall be charged while submitting the appliance on the respective counters Fee once acquired are non refundable even if the visa utility is withdrawn, the visa is not granted, or if visa issued is of shorter length of period than applied for or otherwise issued or returned at a time or on terms and conditions which will fluctuate from these sought by the applicant.

All Particular person visa seekers are requested to apply for the Indian Visa by way of Online utility link , with a view to make an utility for getting the Indian visa. 1. Clearance from Indonesian Immigration Authorities and together with a sponsorship letter from concerned authority or company in Indonesia.

1. Passport with at least 18 months period of validity. Following the approval from the authorities in Indonesia, we will advise you to bring the passport to the Embassy to be stamped with the necessary Visa which will be prepared to gather inside one working day.

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