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Over the period of time, the sphere of public relations has greatly changed. The evolution of different social media platforms and their growth to popularity have forced business owners to think from the perspectives of the modern day tech savvy audience.

There are two main types of primary and secondary education systems in the United States that receive public funding. Public schools are the most obvious systems that receive government funds and are subject to a strict set of rules, statutes, and regulations. Charter schools are another publicly funded system and are often founded by parents, teachers, activists, universities, and non-profit entities, but may be governed by a for-profit corporation. Unlike the public school system, charter schools are not subject to the same rules, statutes and regulations, and they often also receive private financing in the form of donations. While both types of education systems are found across the United States, the number of children in the public school system greatly exceeds the number of children in charter schools. 

Similar to public schools, charter schools are autonomous systems that must be accountable to State and district educational standards. This enables the school to create a positive learning environment that caters to the needs of the students in that particular area, while meeting or exceeding learning standards. This is especially important in areas of the country with minority students or those with special needs. 

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A charter is a document that details the school's mission statement, overall program outline, educational goals, population of students being taught, ways to assess student progress, and methods to determine the school's overall success. Once this contract has been approved, the charter school is held accountable to the State or district group that will help ensure they live up to the charter document's goals and guidelines. This State or district group may be a local school board, a State agency of educational standards, a university, or another entity. Many feel that being held accountable to a State or district group in this way causes the charter schools to have students achieve higher academic success, but the United States Department of Education disagrees. In practice, charter schools are not held to more rigorous standards than public schools. However, the number of public schools that have been forced to close due to poor academic performance is much higher than similar charter schools.

Although the freedom of speech argument is often made by Christians who are seeking the rights for students to pray in school, the reasoning behind their passion for the subject is not related to political interpretation or constitutional rights. Christians understand the value of public prayer and of praying for others and do not want their children to miss out on the opportunity to pray with their friends. Public prayer can be extremely powerful. Every Sunday Christians around the globe gather together to worship and unite in prayer. Through public prayer the power of the prayer is magnified exponentially. The sincere prayer of an individual is powerful in itself but when this prayer is united with the prayer of others, there is no limit to what prayers can accomplish.

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However, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, a network of charter schools sprang up to replace the public school system in the New Orleans area. As such, New Orleans is the only place in the country where more children attend charter schools than public schools. This has created a unique learning atmosphere and a unique financial infrastructure within the national education system.