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Mold growth in your home is unsightly and unhealthy. Fight back by hiring a mold remediation expert.
Sometimes mold growth is obvious. You might see gray or green patches spreading across your walls or ceiling, or smell that telltale musty mold odor. In other cases, you might suspect a problem due to recent water damage or excess humidity, or because you or someone in your household is experiencing respiratory issues or allergic reactions. But do you really have to seek professional help to get rid of mold?
It's never a good idea to leave the growth alone, because it can spread rapidly and have serious side effects for your health and your home's structure. Long-term exposure to spores can lead to severe health problems, and some types of mold are toxic. Meanwhile, mold growth can damage your house's surfaces and points to a larger moisture problem that can lead to deterioration of your home's structure. Whether or not it is visible, and no matter how serious the outbreak, a mold testing and removal company can help clear up the problem.
Mold Testing
When you're not sure whether you have a mold problem, be better safe than sorry and bring in a company for an inspection. Best-case scenario: You're mold-free! And in the event that an issue is present, the company can guide you through the next steps. Even if you're positive you have mold, however, sometimes an inspection is a good starting point. Perhaps you see it in one corner, but want to know how far-reaching the problem actually is. It can also be helpful to know what kind you're dealing with.
A standard inspection usually involves a few steps. First, the inspector will conduct a visual examination of the area. Then, he or she might take temperature and humidity readings to determine whether your space is a good breeding ground for mold. Indoor and outdoor air sampling can detect the presence of mold spores in the air, while surface sampling can find mold growth on your walls, ceilings, or furnishings. The mold testing company will study the samples or send them to a lab to determine what type of mold your home is growing, how concentrated the spores are, and how much of the building is affected.
Mold Removal
Once mold has been found on the premises, it's time to get rid of it-completely. Even a few mold spores can re-launch your problem, over time. That's why mold remediation companies begin by sealing off the affected areas to prevent any further spread of mold. The mold removal process generally includes scraping and vacuuming away existing mold growth, as well as cutting out building components that are excessively damaged. Many mold remediation companies also utilize air purification machines to remove spores from the air and apply antimicrobial chemicals to all affected areas to kill any remaining mold spores on surfaces. Once all contaminated areas have been cleaned, sanitized, or removed and rebuilt, your mold removal team can dispose of everything safely, following all local codes and regulations.
Mold Prevention
Mold remediation isn't just about the short term. You also want to take steps to keep mold from coming back. In most cases, that means making your home an inhospitable environment for mold growth. Mold spores like dark, humid areas, so your mold expert might advise you to purchase a dehumidifier for the affected rooms. If you have a foundation or plumbing leak that might have contributed to the mold growth, many mold remediation pros can help you with foundation repair and basement drainage services ny waterproofing or can direct you to a contractor with whom they often work. Sealing your home from the elements, purifying the air, and dealing with water damage promptly can make your mold problems a distant memory.