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Chinese Name: Symantec Ghost Solution Suite V1.1

Resource Type: Bin

Area: United States

language: English


Software Name: Symantec Ghost Solution Suite

Version number: v1.1

Software language: English

Operating Environment: WinAll

Software size: 452MB

Software Category: System Tools / Registration


Symantec Ghost Solution Suite 1.1

The industry's most widely used enterprise-class imaging and deployment solution that is easy to use and manages the entire PC lifecycle, including operating system deployment, software distribution, PC migration and retirement

One solution, three leading technologies

Symantec Ghost Solution Suite includes three industry-leading applications in one suite: Symantec Ghost, the imaging capabilities of the DeployCenter Library, and Symantec Client Migration. Through the combination of Symantec Ghost and DeployCenter Library technology, Symantec can now provide a solution that is unique to the market, including both file-based and sector-based imaging technologies. Symantec's file-based imaging technology provides the best ease-of-use and flexibility for customizing and updating images, while its sector-based imaging technology provides the best possible state of Windows by creating the system image. Best accuracy. With Symantec Client Migration, administrators can take advantage of next-generation user migration tools with unique features such as Web-based "self-service IT" and highly secure encrypted communications for mobile users — even secure through the Internet. Worry-free.

Today, IT professionals face increasing challenges in managing and maintaining PCs in a distributed enterprise environment. System administrators need to monitor 24-hour production systems, and also bear the pressure to reduce costs, improve service levels, and avoid risks. Therefore, they urgently need PC management solutions with ease of use, integrated functions, adaptability, and security. . Symantec Ghost simplifies the management processes of web servers, desktops, and laptops using the most advanced deployment and migration technologies available, fully meeting the needs of these IT professionals.

Easy-to-use integrated PC management

Symantec Ghost Solution Suite is the industry's most widely used enterprise PC management solution for Windows operating system (OS) deployment, software distribution, migration, and PC retirement. This solution enables IT administrators to reduce the cost and time for:

• Create a standard system image for new workstations and servers.

Deploy enterprise-wide new Windows and Linux operating systems.

• Migrate users to a new PC or Windows operating system while preserving user settings, preferences, application settings, and data.

Deploy new or updated applications and distribute updates.

Create a detailed report of the hardware and software inventory.

• After processing confidential data securely, scrap the PC.

Key Benefits of Symantec Ghost Solution Suite

Symantec Ghost Solution Suite has several major advantages and is a powerful, versatile and effective PC and server management solution.

Effectively deploy new systems

Administrators can easily create images of PCs or Windows servers using file-based or sector-based imaging technology. They can also deploy hundreds of PCs over the network in minutes. Symantec Ghost Solution Suite also provides image multicasting to minimize bandwidth usage and accelerate the deployment of new images. In addition, Symantec Ghost Solution Suite has a central console hardware/software inventory feature that allows you to create detailed reports s with fully customizable filters and views and then manage a set of target computers based on hardware and software attributes. For example, you can find a computer with a specific attribute and use the selected computer as the target of the task. Finally, you can complete the imaging and deployment in the Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE). This will speed up and automate Windows deployment while reducing the cost, complexity, and time required to deploy the Windows XP operating system.

Easily migrate system, application settings, and user data

Symantec Client Migration is a secure software solution that allows IT administrators to quickly and economically migrate user data along with operating system and application settings. Symantec Client Migration automates many of the repetitive tasks associated with migration planning and deployment, speeding up the migration process and reducing management overhead. Symantec Client Migration provides administrators with two options: one is user-driven migration, the end user can start and complete their own user migration by using a unique web-based interface; the other is management-driven migration, with full administrator control User migration work. In both options, the file types and applications to be included and excluded are fully controlled, so both migrations are fully managed. For example, an administrator can specify to capture all XLS and DOC files and exclude MP3 and AVI files.

Quickly and easily deploy patches, updates, and applications

By using the hardware and software inventory features of the Symantec Ghost Console, administrators can identify computers that have or have not installed the latest repair tool. In turn, these computers can be locked and then deployed with the Symantec Ghost Multicast File Transfer feature. This feature allows a single file to be deployed to multiple computers at the same time, without the huge impact on network bandwidth as traditional unicast.

In addition, the AutoInstall feature is also included in the Symantec Ghost Solution Suite. This feature allows administrators to create and customize application packages that can be deployed in the Symantec Ghost Console.

Safety scrap and handling PC

The Symantec Ghost Solution Suite reduces the risk and loss of PC scrapping and data processing by implementing best practice policies that meet the highest industry standards. In fact, GDisk components provide a solution that meets the highest level of DoD security data processing (DOD 5220.22-M). This solution ensures that confidential data cannot be recovered from PCs that are reclaimed, scrapped, or rented.

The main features of Symantec Ghost Solution Suite

Today's IT infrastructure management is increasingly complex and expensive. To minimize complexity and downtime while increasing efficiency and availability, Symantec Ghost Solution Suite offers the following feature set to simplify PC deployment, migration, and retirement.

Ghost Console — A Windows application that enables remote deployment of operating systems and applications.

Fully manage the solution so that you can ensure that the network is stable and secure, and that it is consistent with the operating system and software.

• Configure and schedule tasks from the console, including software rollouts, operating system upgrades, and remote execution commands.

• Group network users in the console for effective management.

• Supports remote deployment of Symantec Ghost Client to any desktop Windows operating system.

Sector-based and file-based imaging — Creates a file image of any FAT, NTFS, EXT2, and EXT3 file system.

• A file-based image is an imaging process that quickly and efficiently captures all the files on your hard disk. With a file-based image, you can browse any image and easily extract individual files. In addition, you can add, delete, or edit files in any FAT-based image.

A sector-based image is a selective process that captures only sectors with valid data. This is an extremely fast and efficient imaging technique. In addition, any previous drive optimizations will remain intact.

Hardware and Software Inventory — Provides administrators with client computer details to more efficiently manage image and software deployment.

• Manage hardware and software inventory through the Symantec Ghost Console so that you can query and filter views to find all network PCs that meet specific requirements.

• Create detailed reports based on these custom filters and views. In this way, you can create a "dynamic folder" based on the hardware or software properties to manage a group of target PCs, which simplifies OS migration or patch deployment.

Client staging area — The area on the client where files and images are stored, pre-reserved for system recovery or operating system migration.

• Use the directory on the client as a repository for Symantec Ghost image files, application packages, user profiles, or other files.

• Keep the contents of the selected directory while restoring and save a local backup and recovery image file for reuse.

• Recover the disk or partition from an image stored on the same disk or partition.

Multicast File Transfer — The ability to deploy a single file to multiple recipients at the same time.

• Unlike traditional unicast services, using multicast can minimize time and bandwidth.

Flexible transfer of files allows administrators to specify the final file transfer destination.

Gdisk — A level of secure data processing that meets US Department of Defense standards.

• Ensure that confidential data is not recovered from a PC that is reclaimed, scrapped, or rented.

• Ensure that confidential and sensitive information is safely destroyed.

• Operates under DOS and 32-bit Windows environments (such as Win PE).

? Other Symantec add-on solutions

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Symantec ON Command Discovery, a practical and easy-to-use IT asset management solution for tracking all hardware and software assets, including licenses and software use.

• Symantec ON i Patch, an easy-to-use patch management and remediation solution that allows you to quickly and efficiently protect your infrastructure against known vulnerabilities.

The Symantec LiveState family of products, a disk-based system and storage backup solution for real-time backup and disaster recovery of servers and desktops running Windows operating systems.

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System Requirements


The minimum hardware and software requirements required to run Symantec Ghost Solution Suite vary based on the components that are installed. To determine if you have met all the system requirements for Symantec Ghost Solution Suite, visit our website at

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