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This newish technology, which provides a continuous stream of data, is awesome for many reasons. With more than 100 million purchased products, Amazon declared Prime Day 2018 the biggest shopping event in its history. The Amazon deal gods smiled upon the PC for Prime Day 2019: We've never seen quite so many deals. By asking, Alexa, what are your deals?" you can get access to exclusive deals not available elsewhere, or the ability to shop certain deals an hour or so earlier than people just going to the Amazon website.

Once you've added a product to your shopping cart, do a simple comparison to ensure you're getting the best deal. Check out these Black Friday in July sales from other retailers besides Amazon, many of which are starting just before Prime Day. Be aware that all-day deals can run out of stock before Prime Day is over.

For example, she expects the price on the ViewSonic Elite XG350R-C 35" UltraWide Curved Gaming Monitor to drop by $140 during Prime Day, from $699.99 to $559.99. While it wasn't the top deal of the event, the $5 Amazon Promo Credit is worth a little extra attention.

And during Prime Day, the bulk of the products are up to one-third off their normal (already affordable) prices. Because the tech giant extends the time of the sale every year, we could see Prime Day 2020 lasting longer than two-days and potentially starting on Sunday the 12 of July.

While nearly all the items are no longer on sale for the prices we saw during the July sales period, you can see what sort of bargains to expect in 2020. When we buy something during a sale, our brain gives us a rewarding dopamine rush similar to sex And during sales, the bigger the perceived savings, the larger the dopamine rush (even if that savings is just an illusion of a deal).

To avoid delayed deliveries due to the massive demand and sales on Prime Day, Amazon offers credits to customers that choose to get their orders a bit later. Here are our favourite Prime Day Amazon discounts for you to chew over this morning, with deals updated as recently as 5.40pm.

Many items sold out in less than an hour - every second really counts on Amazon Prime Day, so it does pay to be well prepared. Although Amazon Prime Day feels like it's years away, now is the perfect time to recap last year's best deals and see what kind of Prime Day deals we can expect from Amazon this summer.

And finally, there's Prime Early Access deals, a type of Lightning Deal for Prime members. We've already got our guide to the best Black Friday gaming deals up and running, ready to update with all the latest deals and discounts as and when they arrive, so be sure to bookmark that one.