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Baseball's a leisurely sport on its best day, but on Friday night, the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers played in the longest World Series game ever, an 18-inning monstrosity that didn't end until after 3:30 a.m. East Coast time. The Dodgers won 3-2, and now trail the series two games to one.

The game went 18 innings, the only World Series game ever to do so, clobbering the previous record of 14 innings shared by three different games. Dodger Max Muncy finally put the game to bed with a walk-off homer in the 18th.

Fans on Twitter helped while away the endless time with memes and quips. One of the most popular jokes involved how much people had aged between the first pitch and the last. That Titanic lady's got nothin' on this game.

The length of the game made a lot of peoples' lives difficult, from concessions workers...


 fans in different time zones...

 the stadium's cleaning crew...

...and yes, to the players. 

"Won't need a game 4 starter if game 3 never ends," pointed out one savvy fan.

Some masochists loved it, or said they did. 

Said one fan, "I hope this game never ends. I want 30 innings of World Series baseball. I want to see it still on at 5 a.m. and watch the teams openly crying having to take the field."

Others struggled to stay awake, and came up with creative solutions to pass the time. 

Wrote actor Josh Gad, "I'm thinking about finding a newborn turtle, raising it, nurturing it and then racing it against this game."

Don't go away, fans, Saturday's Game 4 is just hours away.

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