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The Sims 4 is having its first virtual Pride Parade on Twitch.

EA Games

June marks the 50th anniversary of , and during a global pandemic, many traditional in-person celebrations are moving online. In honor of Pride Month, YouTuber EnglishSimmer will host a Virtual Pride Parade livestream on The Sims' Twitch channel. Players can submit their best Sims from the life simulation game styled for Pride to potentially be featured in the parade.

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You can upload your Pride-themed Sim today through June 29 to The Sims 4 Gallery or on social media -- just be sure to use the hashtag #SimsPride2020. Tune into the livestream on June 30. 

"We want you to show your full expression of self," according to a release in The Sims 4 section of studio EA's website. "Be you. Embrace your fabulousness. Honor our history; honor each other. Whoever and however you love, whoever you are -- whether you're a woman, a man, neither, or both -- be proud."

From its start in 2000, The Sims offered players the option to pursue same-sex relationships in the game, without boxing the character into any gender stereotype. In the real world, the US Supreme Court wouldn't legalize same-sex marriage for another 15 years. On Monday, however, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of LBGTQI worker protections

The game's first premade LGBTQI couple, Dylan and Audrey Shear, made their debut in 2009 in The Sims 3, along with their son Charlie. The Hecking and Ngata families were also LGBTQI, introduced in later expansion packs through The Sims 4. The trailer for The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs expansion pack featured the wedding of Brent and Brant Hecking. The Sims 4: Island Living, which included the Ngata family, also introduced the first premade nonbinary Sim, Lia Huata.

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