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We are in a position to provide an on website surveys, recommendation on style for the property, mould work, manufacture and set up service. Our craftsmen are able to undertake restoration and bespoke initiatives We provide a supply only service for all our plaster products to trade clients and the public.

Transform your ceiling into a chic, beautiful and timeless show that can make an announcement and add tremendous value to your living areas. Coffered ceiling, also called sunken ceiling, is a traditional architectural design which brings out depth and dimension to an, in any other case, plain ceiling.

Coving mainly intends to tie partitions and the ceiling together in any given room. Plaster cornices are used closely for coving as a result of its durability and aesthetic appeal. We specialize in creating detailed custom products for architects, interior designers and residential decorators.

Plumbing for an automatic sprinkler system, for instance, could be run above new and present coffering so that the sprinkler heads barely protrude from the rosette centers within the coffered design. Plaster and gypsum-based mostly mouldings must be fastened utilizing each the adhesive recommended by the provider, in addition to rust-proof screws.

They are measured by how far from the corner of the wall/ceiling junction they project on to the ceiling & drop down the wall. The first dimension is how far the cornice tasks on to the ceiling. Our pre-designed window trim mouldings can be considered under but we a specialists in custom moulding designs.

The finish treatment of a coffered ceiling frequently exhibits the peak of the painter's craft. For instance, an elaborate parlor cornice consisted of plain moldings made of gypsum and lime run atop momentary lattice strips across the room. Tooling for plain-run moldings referred to as for a sheet metal template of the molding profile mounted on a picket "horse". Mitering was achieved utilizing a plaster and lime putty gauge tooled with miter rods at the joints.