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1:44 p.m.: The U.S. men after podium training. The general message: do not worry, be happy. Yes, there were a few falls, but they do not feel podium training is indicative of how the competition is going to go. To paraphrase John Orozco, everyone would rather fall from the podium training than at the match. The U.S. men very much believe that they're in this for gold.

What exactly does all this mean? Well. When confronted with a choice between dips or bench press, give the drops the nod or even pushups with some weight on your back. Between pull ups or bent over rows, pull ups hands down. Between machine press or Handstand push ups, handstand push ups are much better.

Dorina Boczogo, floor: Bon Jovi medley -- the audience likes it. Handspring double front. OOB on first or second pass. Double pike to end, well done. High five from her trainer.

Now let's proceed to the most popular of the minute: foldover waist do a handstand pants. Because they're flattering on nearly every shape and size, these infants are huge right now. Created by Hard Tail Forever almost two years back, these pants feature a flexible rollover waistband that can be moved to where best flatters the wearer. It's ideal for hiding those difficult to tone areas, like the hips and stomach. Margarita athletic wear makes quite a few of these pants as well, and you can usually find them in both capri workout pants and long yoga pants styles.

Exercise provides all kinds of health benefits. It will improve your mood, help you sleep soundly, make you stronger and leaner, and improve your balance. Additionally, it protects your heart and wards off metabolic disorders like type 2 diabetes. These are perks that rapid weight loss diets cannot offer.

Daniel Keatings, floor: Double double tuck. 2.5 to front sidewalk complete. Arabian 13/4. Flairs. VERY determined out there, and wonderful tumbling so much better. Didn't know he was capable of a double dual, frankly. Roll ability into roundoff, double full. Arabian double front to complete. And all that on a fixed ACL from a year ago. Take hope, Aliya Mustafina!

12:21 p.m.: Horton and Legendre each did a handspring double front, and the real stuff starts. Horton lands his first Dragulescu effort on his knees and hands. They pull the mat for Legendre, whose first attempt is low but landed.