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The Sentinel driver is the official driver for this Sentinel dog encryption tool. If the software you are using is a Sentinel dog dongle, then you need to install this driver on your computer so that the computer can recognize the dongle and use the Sentinel dog encryption. Dog protection software.

The Sentinel dog (dongle) is a powerful software protection device that implements the 163-bit elliptic curve asymmetric algorithm and the AES symmetric algorithm, provides many innovative features, and for the first time introduces the concept of secure channel to hardware-based Software protection completely solves the problem of secure communications between protected software and secure hardware. At the same time, license-based design provides greater flexibility and ease of use, providing software developers with a new and powerful software protection. platform.

1, the strongest anti-piracy protection

Public key protection and 128-bit AES protection provide secure protection of communications between the lock and the protected application

A unique protection key is used for each communication session between the application and the hardware token

2, quickly add protection and confusion

In addition to preventing memory dumps and debuggers, Sentinel Shell enhances overall security by adding multiple layers of protection

3, rapid deployment

Sentinel protection locks include Business Layer APIs (TM), which are pre-configured high-level APIs that implement common license patterns.

Reduce approximately 60% of software protection implementation cycles

4, protect time-based authorization

Sentinel V-ClockTM Prevents Temporal Tampering Without Increasing Costs

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