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Using the products which reduce your reliance on the natural resources like the solar hot water system, rainwater tanks etc is a great way to preserve the Earth. Jute & Cotton products are best for promotional gifts because people use it up to the last time of damaging of bags. "We are the first generation to be able to end poverty, and the last generation that can take steps to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. These things would probably come from my generation. As you can see, I’ve mostly gone over plastic, as it is the biggest issue, but that doesn’t mean that other things aren’t problematic as well. I know most of you already knew about the issue, but maybe you didn’t know it was this bad. This isn’t because I can say that I’m not guilty of a single bad thing, because I am. When in comes to recycling, the terms biodegradable and compostable cutlery dominate in popularity and can cause confusion. 1. Eat organic food when you can. If the whole world went vegan right now, the world’s food related emissions would drop by 70% by 2050, and farmed livestock accounts for 14.5% of all man made greenhouse gasses.

Donate excess food to local food banks and food scraps to farms to use as animal feed. When visiting another city use public transportation, walk or rent a bike in order to get from point A to point B. This way you won’t create any additional carbon emissions from private transport. Made of renewable, fossil-free raw material, this innovative product confirmed a reduction in carbon emissions in production by 39%, paving way for increased market share for 'Fibreform' as a climate smart packaging solutions. The invention of plastic might have reduced the cost of packaging but it has seriously affected the environment. As cleaning products have an adverse effect on the health, now it is time to switch to green clean solutions that keep the environment healthy. I only hope the efforts made are not too little too late to save the environment. 5. Save water. Try to avoid taking baths, and take shorter showers. To continue, here is a quote from a man you probably have never heard of in your life, Robert Swan, "The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it." To be completely honest, by the time you finish reading this, you will probably forget it within a few days, and you won’t have done very much, but I’m still going to put effort into this because maybe someone will listen.

These symbols tell you whether it can be recycled, what kinds of things it will be turned into and any hazards you should be aware of. If you do some research (and I will be providing sources below), you can easily find things to do that will help fight climate change. Or maybe you knew, and willingly refused to pay attention to it because, "It’s just those kids getting riled up about the unimportant things again". Getting palm oil isn’t sustainable, and is responsible for around 8% of the world’s deforestation. This will reduce your carbon footprint, as you will be reducing the amount of fossil fuels you use and the amount of emissions your car produces. I’m just informing you that it will still eventually become trash or litter. It’s pretty simple, and I will outline some simple things, but there is still so much research that you can do, and I hope you don’t say, "Oh, others will do it, so I probably don’t have to." It’s because of comments like these that make me say that I’m not asking you to do your own research; I’m telling you to. I’m not telling you not to recycle, as I hope that you do recycle.

Overall, I would like to leave you with a sentence that I hope stays with you: If you aren’t scared, then you haven’t been paying attention. People say that we aren’t paying attention, but maybe it’s the other way around. At this point, it’s a climate crisis, and that’s what it deserves to be called. Honestly, we can’t call it "climate change" anymore, because that’s not what it is. I hate to be blunt, but that’s just how it is. Currently, there is too much carbon dioxide in the air for any amount of trees to suck up. Now, we have to limit our plastic consumption and our carbon dioxide production. If we were to plant enough trees to get rid of all the CO2 in the air, it would have devastating effects on the ecosystem and the soil. One of her quotes is, "You say you love your children above all else, and yet you are stealing their future in front of their very eyes." Adults aren’t well enough aware of the enormous threat looming above us, about to come crashing down. Yes, the children who so many, possibly including some of the readers, look down upon.