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Ambassador in control of Protocol, Selwa "Lucky" Roosevelt, who launched us to the Reagans after Nick’s book "Eleni" was printed in 1984--concerning the life and loss of life of his mother throughout the Greek civil warfare. In 1985 "Eleni" turned a movie starring Kate Nelligan as Nick’s mother and John Malkovich as the adult model of Nick, who, whereas a foreign correspondent for The new York Times, researched the small print of her demise. Sadly, my mom handed away in January of 1985 (of congestive heart failure, the same factor that took the previous First Lady Nancy last Sunday) so she never received to listen to about our first assembly with President Reagan and Nancy in October of 1985 and our second one-at a White House state dinner-the next March. A number of months later, early in 1986, Nick and i received an invitation to a state dinner on the White House to be given by the Reagans on March 18 "on the occasion of the go to of the Prime Minister of Canada (Brian) Mulroney and Mrs Mulroney." I started an arduous seek for a costume and, with Nick’s help, I settled on one with an extended black skirt and a pleated white bodice, folded like a fan

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