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Virginia Beach, Virginia
Now that Virginia Seaside is officially a Pulse Point Neighborhood, we need your help to help us locate all of the automated exterior defibrillators (AEDs) throughout town. When the modern metropolis of Virginia Seaside was created in 1963, by the consolidation of the 253 square Virginia Beach miles (660 km2) Princess Anne County with the two square miles (5.2 km2) City of Virginia Seaside, the newly bigger metropolis was divided into seven boroughs: Bayside, Blackwater, Kempsville, Lynnhaven, Princess Anne, Pungo, and Virginia Beach.

Different major roads include Virginia Seaside Boulevard ( U.S. Route fifty eight ), Shore Drive ( U.S. Route 60 ), which connects to Atlantic Avenue on the oceanfront, Northampton Blvd ( U.S. Route thirteen ), Princess Anne Road ( State Route one hundred sixty five ), Indian River Street (former State Route 603), Lynnhaven Parkway, Independence Boulevard, Normal Sales space Boulevard, and Nimmo Parkway.

Virginia Seaside has all the elements of a classic seaside resort: beautiful beaches, a full of life boardwalk, plenty of restaurants and nightspots, and amusement rides sure to appeal to children. According to the United States Census Bureau , town has a complete area of 497 square miles (1,290 km2), of which 249 sq. miles (640 km2) is land and 248 square miles (640 km2) (49.9%) is water.

The completion of Virginia Seaside Boulevard in 1922, which prolonged from Norfolk to the oceanfront, opened the route for automobiles , buses , and vehicles The passenger rail service to the oceanfront was eventually discontinued as traffic increased by car.

A Hampton Roads Transit bus on Pacific Avenue in Virginia Beach. 25 Because of the moderating effects of the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, Virginia Beach is the northernmost location on the east coast in which many species of vegetation (each subtropical and tropical) will reliably develop.

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