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Every once in a blue moon I come up with an incredible idea. In most cases, I also get to watch those ideas come to fruition and then end up dying a horrible, terrible death.Like many of the married men I know, I'm enjoying a "sufficiently acceptable" amount of sexual activity within my marriage. It's not causing any problems, it's not causing us to get a divorce over it. I'm equally accountable for any excuses made about the reasons why sexual relations aren't possible and the majority of them have a reasonable and understandable reason behind them. However, like most men feel, there could always be more.So one day I came across an incredible concept that I could not come up with. This is something that we've ALL been hearing over the decades. It was just that the moment I was contemplating it I was compelled to conclude that this idea was evidently made for me. The idea made the most sense in that particular moment. Porn is my favourite! Although I try to keep this exclamation to myself, I'm not harming anyone. My wife is a strong, independent and free-spirited woman. She is independent, fun, strong and secure. What could be the answer to all of our problems?

10 years agoWhen coming to the question about whether watching porn is alright There isn't a correct or incorrect answer to it. There is nothing wrong with watching porn provided it's legal and everyone has consented to it. If a person chooses to indulge in porn instead of engage in intimate relationships with a person who is interested in it, it may lead to problems. The issue is more related to the relationship than the porn. According to research on online behavior, people who participate in sexual activities for less than an hour each week experienced minimal impact on their lives. However, if the exposure to porn online was more than 11 hours per week, respondents said their habits could affect their self-image as well as their feelings regarding their partners. It is feasible to allow anything from one to ten hours of porn online per week, but it's not acceptable. It could just be an escape from stress.

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Also, Full Report you should consider your feelings regarding porn. Do you find porn interesting? There are some crucial things to think about when choosing movies that might aid you. If you are not keen to make porn a regular part of your sexual relationship, are you willing to let him see it sometimes? If you think you're wrong regarding this what are you going to do to justify your position to him? We don't be able to share all the sexual desires of our partners. This is normal. The nature of relationships is compromise. Sometimes either or both of you may require an acceptable compromise.