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- Range: 25 yards in daylight/1 mile at evening
- Lumen: 100 lumens fixed and 140 lumens strobe
- Laser: 5 mW/635-650 nm
- Battery Life: 20+ hours fixed, 35+ hours strobing, seventy five minutes laser + light
- Adjustable: Windage/elevation
- Activation: Automated activation with On the spot-ON®/consumer outlined working modes
- 7 Yr restricted guarantee

GreenLight™ Laser PVP is an outpatient process carried out by a urologist with specialised training within the technique. The anesthesia can be basic, spinal, or nerve-blocking along with sedation. The surgeon inserts a cystoscope (a tube outfitted with a gentle) by way of the urethra to the prostate gland. A thin fiber is run via the cystoscope and positioned in the urethra adjacent to the obstruction. Pulses of light radiate from the top of the optical fiber laser light price as the surgeon directs them in direction of the areas of overgrowth. The light is quickly absorbed by the blood which turns into heated to the point that close by tissues are vaporized. The doctor continues applying this laser gentle till the destruction of tissue reduces the restriction on the urethra. Because the tissue is being vaporized the heat seals off the blood vessels, resulting in much less bleeding than in other remedy options. A temporary catheter is usually inserted to permit urine to drain from the bladder. The procedure takes roughly one hour.

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