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RankMath is a well-liked name along with a preferred SEO tool with regards to optimizing your website. Rather than optimizing the on-page SEO, it goes beyond by using its advanced features and a lot of functionality. Its easy-to-use user interface, intuitive design, capability to track keywords, structured data support, and a lot of other essential features are the reason why it's been the go-to tool for thousands of web admins and masters. In this RankMath Pro review we'll dive into the premium form of this popular plugin.

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Every feature it arrives with works harmoniously to enhance your website’s search engine ranking positions. Following the success of Rank Math, the developers came up with a new and improved version of the plugin and have named it RankMathPro. So, let’s go in-depth on what RankMathPro provides and is it worth spending your cash on.

RankMath Pro Review - Features
Before we dive into what features the Pro version includes, you should observe that you will not lose accessibility features around the free version. These functions will certainly be more advanced on RankMath Pro, but you will still have access to what you curently have around the free version. That being said, let’s see what features are added and what has been upgraded.

The dashboard is probably the first big change you’ll notice on the RankMath Pro. The developers have tweaked it to make it clean and appealing with no unnecessary clutter. The dashboard provides you with all the required information and complete history of the keyword you’re trying to find. One noticeable addition may be the feature to connect with Google Analytics which will provide all the necessary search engine results in one layout.

This eliminates the necessity to scroll up and down the dashboard as everything you’ll ever need is immediately before you. However, there are several additional options such as SEO performance, keyword details, site analysis, etc. that you could find below the dashboard’s graphs and charts.

In a nutshell, you will notice features just like an overall optimization chart, winning and losing keywords, keyword rank tracker, keyword positions, winning and losing posts, Google Search Console, and authentic data from Google Analytics. All inside a neat, organized, and beautiful dashboard.

Schema Generator
The schema generator feature that comes with RankMath Pro eliminates the necessity to use other Third party tools. You can either configure results automatically to identify and implement markups in pages and posts or work with it manually for single posts. So, for those who publish anything from posts videos individually, the schema generator of RankPro will provide a helping hand.

Even though this is no essential feature as WordPress version 5.5 itself comes with a standard sitemap, you might still desire to use it as RankMath Pro’s sitemap feature facilitates Google to index the information on your website better. Furthermore, this can also share with total control of what you wish to share with Google. Such as the sitemap feature within the free version, the one which comes with RankMath Pro also follows the "setup and forget" methodology.

Organized Options
There are many small features which are helpful to most of the users but don’t necessarily must have their separate tabs. For example, the 404 monitor is really a small addition to the RankMath which has been included in rankmath review Pro. It has just one work, to monitor what URLs return with 404 errors.

It's an essential feature that can help optimize your website ranking. But unlike the disposable version with a separate section for this small feature, the pro version removes it without taking out the feature altogether. There are more several features which have been through this transformation including multiple image SEO options, and redirections utilities.

Orphan Pages Detection
Orphan pages would be the pages that aren't linked to any other section of your site. These pages are not necessarily problematic but they are considered harmful to the website. When users visit an orphan page, they're not going to be aware that what to do next for more information. Also, these pages aren't listed in internet search engine crawlers.

RankMath Pro acknowledges this problem and has included the feature to detect orphan pages. The detection can help you fix such pages and let Google realize that the particular page is relevant for an additional post or webpage.

Media SEO
RankMath Pro also comes with the feature to enhance the SEO of all the images as well as the videos you use on your website. This can boost the readability and indexability of the media files and ultimately improves user experiences along with web ranking. RankMath not only provides you with the ability to improve image SEO, but it also will it automatically.

It will auto-generate all the images’ captions which are crafted for much better optimized SERP results. Furthermore, the plugin may also allow you to effortlessly connect to the ALT option and enables you to add descriptions that may further enhance the SEO.

Rich Snippets
RankMath Pro gives you a lot of rich snippets to select from. Since rich snippets are a great way to get better results in SERP, RankMath include the following rich snippets in their Pro version:

- Video
- Article
- Software program
- Book
- Service
- Course
- Restaurant
- Event
- Recipe
- Job
- Product
- Music
- Person

All these has a different kind of setting that you can configure. For example, the recording snipper requires thumbnail, descriptions, etc. whereas the recipe snipper requires cooking time, ingredients, etc. It is important to observe that you are able to just use one snipper per page type as not to confuse Google. Although this is not really a sure-shot way to get higher rankings, it will play a role in increasing your chances.

WooCommerce SEO
RankMath Pro enables you to add certain parameters for products such as title and meta description. Apart from that, you're also because of the choice to select a default rich snippet to make use of each time a cool product is created.

The snippet can be customized to include individual product names and other information. These records is going to be shown on the search engine results and can possess a positive impact on your website’s overall ranking.

Other Notable Features

- Advanced post-filtering
- Client management
- Multiple schema types
- Advanced SEO overview
- Schema builder
- Local search engine optimization
- SEO computer file import
- Bulk edit option, and much more.

How is RankMath Pro compared to its competitors?
RankMath was already among the best WordPress SEO plugins because of all of the features it offered its users. The plugin’s free element was one of the reasons why people preferred it over its competitors. You will find loads of comparisons that are designed for RankMath and Yoast SEO comes on the top list. While Yoast SEO still endures the top with a few other SEO plugins, the battle for the number 1 spot is never-ending and is often determined by people’s personal preferences.

That being said, RankMath remains the best-rated SEO plugin solely because of features for example integrations, and keyword tracking. Some from the SEO plugins only focus on the on-page SEO, RankMath does much more than just that. And with the inclusion of the Pro version, you will get a lot more - for any price. But consider the good side.

Usually, you will need to buy various other tools that work in harmony with the SEO plugin of your liking, but that is incorrect with RankMath Pro. You will get everything you need in a single package.

So, is it much better than its competitors? Definitely. Even the free version outshines its competitors in many aspects.

RankMath Pro Review - Is it worth buying?
Well, this will depend on which you’re working for. For using a single website, the free version could be more than enough to satisfy your SEO needs. But you have your focus divided into multiple websites, then opting for the pro version might prove beneficial because you will reduce other essential plugins for further features.

If you have skimmed through their website, you might have noticed that RankMath Pro consolidates most of the additional SEO features into one package. It combines a plethora of tools that focus not only on on-site SEO but also on off-site SEO. This is a rare thing to see if you have ever gone looking for SEO plugins.

You might even be able to replace multiple tools you’re currently using with simply one plugin. However, it might still be unable to complete with plugins which have one particular function and goes in-depth to achieve that, such as SEMRush for keyword review among additional features.

You can easily use, optimizes posts for multiple keywords, tracks keyword performance, supports bbPress and BuddyPress, and more. The packages have competitive pricing ($59 and $199), and there is a lifetime version of the plans.

So, is it worthwhile? For somebody who is seeking to save money and who works on multiple websites, I’d say RankMath Pro is certainly value for money. However for just one site owner, sticking with the disposable version seem the logical choice.