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multi-rowMulti-row or four row round roller bearings are mostly designed and also used as roll-neck bearings in rolling mills. The four rows of rollers offers itself to bring huge radial tons for the offered bearing cross-section. American Roller's 4 row round roller bearings are created with contoured rollers with limited diametrical resistances to maximize the capability of this bearing to evenly distribute the load to all 4 rows. The most usual kinds consist of the use of a machined brass finger cage or a machined light steel finger cage. No suffix is needed for the brass cage but the SM suffix is used for the steel. In larger sizes, making use of a steel pin-type cage with hollow rollers is standard. Lots of outer race and also internal race setups as well as design types are available to fulfill installation or interchangeability requirements. The majority of four row round split roller bearing bearings are supplied with C4 Internal Radial Clearance and also P5 Precision to carry out well in these roll-neck applications.

Our copyrighted Blended Bevel leading side on our Inner Races is common. This one-of-a-kind layout enables smoother setup of the Chock/Outer Race Roller Setting Up over the Roll mounted Inner Race O.D. when robotic stand building tools is utilized. It can additionally assist when larger chocks making use of bearings of this design are installed using above cranes. In applications requiring concentric grinding of the installed inner race and also roll body, an "RG" suffix is marked to define a race with additional stock for grinding. These bearings are likewise readily available with a conical birthed internal race for applications calling for greater precision or control of placed radial clearance. The suffix "K" marks a 1:12 or K30 designates 1:30 taper if required. 4 Row, multi-row bearings are frequently made use of in the primary metals market to roll ferrous and also non-ferrous products. Made use of mainly on rolls in two high pole and bar mills, and also backup roll rolls on four high mills, these bearings are industry compatible and are commonly marketed as Outer Race Roller Assemblies as well as Inner Race Sets.

Multirow Design