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multi-rowMulti-row or four row cylindrical roller bearings are primarily created as well as made use of as roll-neck bearings in rolling mills. The four rows of rollers lends itself to bring huge radial lots for the given bearing cross-section. American Roller's 4 row cylindrical roller bearings are created with contoured rollers with tight diametrical resistances to make the most of the ability of this birthing to uniformly disperse the lots to all four rows. One of the most common kinds consist of making use of a machined brass finger cage or a machined light steel finger cage. No suffix is needed for the brass cage however the SM suffix is used for the steel. In larger dimensions, making use of a steel pin-type cage with hollow rollers is typical. Several outer race as well as inner race arrangements as well as design types are readily available to satisfy installation or interchangeability demands. The majority of 4 row round roller bearings are provided with C4 Interior Radial Clearance and also P5 Accuracy to perform well in these roll-neck applications.

Our patented Blended Bevel leading side on our Inner Races is conventional. This distinct style enables smoother setup of the Chock/Outer Race Roller Assembly over the Roll installed Inner Race O.D. when robot stand structure devices is used. It can likewise help when bigger chocks utilizing bearings of this style are mounted using overhead cranes. In applications requiring concentric grinding of the mounted internal race as well as roll body, an "RG" suffix is assigned to specify a race with added supply for grinding. These bearings are likewise available with a tapered bearing race bore internal race for applications calling for better accuracy or control of installed radial clearance. The suffix "K" assigns a 1:12 or K30 marks 1:30 taper if required. 4 Row, multi-row bearings are generally made use of in the key metals market to roll ferrous and also non-ferrous products. Used primarily on rolls in 2 high rod as well as bar mills, as well as backup roll rolls on 4 high mills, these bearings are market compatible and also are usually offered as Outer Race Roller Assemblies and Inner Race Sets.

Multirow Design