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Do you also have to worry about the problems that customers are always unable to match with the remote control? Do you worry about using a universal DVD remote control without having a few features? Do not be afraid, with my programmer you can achieve the problem with DVD remote control for you. Not only the function is the same as the function of the client's original machine, but also will bring satisfaction to the customer and bring you business sources. This is a good tool for making money. A good helper for appliance repair personnel can not only read and write color TV sets, but also read them. Write DVD data, change the remote controller, change the boot screen, and even modify some data that is not turned on. Easy to modify, easy to learn and use, you can use any type of DVD remote control to modify.


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Programmer function:

1: Directly read and write color TV 24 series data, read and write 25T80 series of DVD data and support some 25 series of LCD data

2: DVD remote control measurement function (measured code is used to modify the DVD remote control)

3: Read and write 29, 39 series 32-pin or 48-pin data online

4: Increase the test function of the short-circuit test of the high-voltage test coil, as long as there is a short circuit, it can be tested. (This output can also be used as a signal tracing generator)

Get a programmer with 8 remote controls

Easily increase maintenance revenue Quick self-equipped DVD remote controller using MTK1389 chip and DVD remote controller using Sunplus solution

DVD remote control is not easy to buy is known to every maintenance staff

Utilize our matching tool to be able to match the DVD original remote control easily including DVD that adopts MTK1389 and 8202 series chip.

A market price of 3-5 yuan remote control, to help customers with a buy original remote control 25-35 yuan, we can calculate it.

Interested parties can not miss the opportunity

High-cost, triple-use programmer supports online read and write

And take the code function of the chip read/write and test DVD remote control,

Can write 24\u0026nbsp; 25 series 8 feet and commonly used on DVD

040\u0026nbsp; 004 Series 32-pin chip, chip 48-pin chip

Online read and write, MTK1389 and Sunplus series chip remote controller modification, can not change the line directly press the switch can be converted online read and write mode, modify the MTK1389 only three steps can be modified, open the software, click 'Open' , In the software column, select 'Model of the remote control'. After selecting, click 'Replace'. This will change it. A few seconds have already been modified and the operation is simpler.

DVD boot screen modification is the best choice for repairing DVD\u0026nbsp; color TV computer motherboard BIOS.

This programmer can support the modification of more than 80% of the MTK1389 series of remote control modifications to solve the MTK software can not open the 'bin' program. At present, most software has no way to solve the 'bin' data of the MTK1389 series. With this programmer, 80% of the programmer can be opened. It is very easy to modify. Compared with other programmers on the market, the success rate of modifying the MTK1389 is also high. . Welcome to buy the maintenance industry.

The programmer is more user-friendly and beautifully designed. It integrates USB 24-bit programmers with DVD remote controllers and on-line reading and writing functions. It is more convenient to use, and the operation is simpler. The DVD's VGA port can read and write data without cumbersome wiring and changeovers

To read and write data, more convenient than other models of upgrades. Measure the remote control code, directly modify the code in the modified software, it can be easily and simply modified very convenient, do not have to waste a lot of time to modify, ordinary DVD machine remote control can be configured than those measured code The software is also convenient. And the measured code is more accurate. After a few minutes can be modified, bought a programmer, and will not use the software to modify the masters, you now do not have to worry about modifying the remote control problems, as long as you buy this integrated programmer can be very easy Simply modify the DVD player remote control for the customer successfully.

The software is more simple, the desktop only needs one software to complete all the software modifications

This software is specially used to modify the code segment of the DVD machine data file to adapt to the remote parts of the accessories that are commonly seen on the market, and to solve the problem of remote control of the DVD player.

\u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; This software has the characteristics of simple operation and high automation. It only requires three steps (open file, select model of remote control, point replacement button) to complete the code modification, and automatically back up the original data file. The modified code is written into the chip, and the DVD machine can be remotely controlled with the remote controller selected when replacing.

\u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; The current version is V0.88 which supports most of the MTK programs (MT1389 series chips, including MT1389-L).

\u0026nbsp; The V0.88 version has been preset with several common DVD remote controls, including a universal DVD remote control and a single model remote control, which will continue to add more models based on the information provided by the user to accommodate More DVD remotes.

\u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; Features:

\u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; 1, remote control code replacement process is extremely simple, no manual analysis of the code, a key to complete.

\u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; 2, to adapt to a variety of remote control, do not receive designated remote control **, is the common universal remote control can also be deployed on the (no search code).

\u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; 3, can read and write 25T80 and other 25 series chips, but also can read and write TV commonly used 24 series chips, this combination is very suitable for appliance repair work.

\u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; 4、The literacy software interface is concise, there is no tedious choice process.

\u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; \u0026nbsp; Revise Sunplus's remote control currently uses third-party software (afterwards, this suite will be free to upgrade our self-developed software to support Lingyang's program, which is easier to modify by remote control). We provide detailed information. The operating instructions are described in detail in conjunction with our programmer kits. At this point, most of the two DVD models can use this kit to modify the remote control.



One-Board usb backup stick Programmer Instructions

This description only describes the instructions for using the IC holder on the integrated board USB programmer to directly operate the chip. The instructions for online read and write are described separately.

First, the chip's position direction and programmer settings:



This interface of the all-in-one USB programmer is a 'programming read-write and online read-write switch', so that the 'status indicator' is red, indicating that it is operating in the 'programming IC seat operating state' so that the IC seat can be used to the chip. Do the operation. Plug into the other side is "Reading and writing 32-pin or 48-pin memory IC data online," such as 29, 39 series.

For the 'read and write data conversion interface online,' this interface is used to convert the two data lines, so that there is no need to solder down the anti-wiring, a lot easier.

Third, the use of the application:

Before this, you must first install the driver of the integrated board USB programmer before you can use it normally. For the installation of the driver, please refer to the "Drive Installation Instructions".

Copy the "One-Board USB Programmer Software and Drivers" folder on the CD to the hard disk, as shown below:



Copy the process is to right click on the folder of the CD, select 'Copy', and then to a disk (partition) of the hard disk, right click on the blank space, select 'Paste' to copy the folder to Hard disk, then you can remove the disc.

Then in the folder of the hard disk, you will see the file as shown in the following figure:


In the picture above, there are nine EXE programs. The files here cannot be deleted or moved. Removing or moving the software will not work. We must remember that we only need to send this icon to the desktop. . The main screen opened when double-clicking is shown in the figure:

USB port 24-25 series programmer: '', The programmer uses the software supporting the IC seat operation chip, can operate 24 and 25 series chips.

DVD-IRKEY: '' Tool for modifying the remote control code in the replacement DVD data file.

TV ROM data file management: '', containing nearly 20,000 TV data query software, easy to operate and simple.

For ease of operation, these three software can be sent to the desktop shortcut, and then you can start the three software directly on the desktop. To do this, right-click on a file and select 'Send to - Desktop shortcut'. In that case, you can use the desktop icon to start the software.

The following describes the function of these three software usage:


UCB 24-25 Series Programmer Software:


When using this software, please insert the programmer into the computer first, the status indicator is red, and the chip is mounted on the IC holder. Otherwise it may cause the program to hang up. Please note.

Chip selection area: used to select the chip type you want to operate. For 24 series chips, click the corresponding model directly. For 25 series chips, select the number of bytes stored in the chip, for example, 25T80 chips. Select '1M Bytes'.

Status Indication: The text at the bottom left is used to indicate whether the programmer is currently plugged in but does not detect whether a chip is inserted.

Code edit area: The middle white rectangular area is used to display the content of the open file or the data content read from the memory chip and is a hexadecimal code.

Open button: Opens the memory data file and displays it in the middle of the editing area, ready to write to the chip. The general BIN extension, there are special cases.

Save button: Saves the contents of the editing area to a file for later use. Most are used to read out the data in the chip and save it.

Read button: Read out and display the contents of the chip in the editor for editing or saving into a file. Note that the actual chip corresponds to the chip selected by the interface.

Write button: writes the contents of the editing area into the chip. Note that the actual chip corresponds to the chip selected by the interface. Writing will be prompted. If the length of the content in the edit area is smaller than the selected chip and only the length of the contents of the edit area is written, the chip starts writing from address 0.

Check button: Check if the chip is blank. After the test is completed, the test result will be displayed.

Clear button: Clear the data in the chip and make the chip blank. Note: Clearing the 25 Series chips will have a delay of about 8 seconds. You will be prompted after completion.

Proof button: Compare the data of the read chip with the content in the edit area, and there will be a prompt to show the result of the comparison. If the length of the content in the edit area is smaller than the selected chip and only the length of the content of the edit area is compared, the chip starts comparing from the 0 address.

Unlock button: Some DVD original machine 25 chip is write protected, can not be rewritten, need to perform an unlock before rewriting.



Note: This software is an accessory product of USB24-25 (29) programmer. It must be installed after the driver of the programmer has been installed and it has been plugged into the computer. The 'programmer status' indicator light is on.

1. Plug in the USB24-25 (29) programmer to open this software.

2, because the V0.88 version only supports MTK program (MT1389 chip) data modification temporarily, so for the time being do not have to choose the program at the top of the software, the default choice stays on the MTK program. You need to choose when you want to upgrade later. Sunplus program Please download another software to modify the remote control. We have written instructions for the software.

3. Click the "Open" button and select to read out the saved DVD data file through the programmer. If the prompt text above the button shows "Remote control code recognition succeeded...", it indicates that this file can be used to replace the remote control code. If the recognition fails, please confirm whether the data you open is read from the machine. If it is downloaded from the network, many data is not complete, so the remote code segment may not be correctly identified. If you confirm the accuracy of the data, you can keep this data, or send it to us, waiting for our further upgrade.

4. Select the remote controller model in the lower right part of the software (common remote controllers already preset in the market will be added in the future). A picture of the remote controller will appear on the left to make it easier to confirm whether it is the same as the remote controller you use.

5. Click the 'Replace' button. When the prompt is completed, the remote control code of the selected data file is replaced with the corresponding remote control of your choice. At this time, the data file can be written back to the chip through the programmer, and you can The selected remote control remotely controls this DVD machine. If it is a universal remote control, please pay attention to the setting code indicated in the replacement instructions. At the same time, an unmodified file will be automatically backed up in the same directory as the original file. The original name is added before the original name.


TV ROM data file management:



The red text in the above figure is the explanatory text of the picture, and these words are present in the middle of the actual software.

1. Select Brand: Click on the brand you want to query directly in the brand list. If the brand you are looking for is not displayed in the upper part, you can use the quick letter soft keyboard in front of the list to quickly filter the brand. For example, look for the brand 'Changhong', then you can click 'C, H', so Changhong brand will be listed.

In order to facilitate the use of the convenience of users in different regions, the software provides a sorting function of the brand, right-click in the brand list, select 'modify the sort order', in the pop-up interface will adjust your commonly used brand to the upper display, later Don't look up the brand.

2, enter the keyword: in the query keyword input box, you need to query the model or movement, chip and other information, and then enter or click the 'query' button, the following data list will contain you The data records of the query's keywords.

3, open the data ready to write: select a data record in the data list, double-click the mouse or click the 'Open' button, it will automatically open 'UCB 24-25 series programmer software', and will just select the data content Directly added to the reading and writing software editing area, if the programmer has been connected, and inserted 24 chips, you can directly point 'UCB 24-25 series programmer software' in the 'write'