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Football clubs often become legends. Athletes dream to put on uniforms of their favorite squad. Fanbase increasing inexorably. Top clubs support in home country and rest of the world. Matches attract millions of spectators. Let's meet legendary clubs from different regions of the planet.


"Old Signora" .

Must report additional fact. In 1992 Manchester United founded the APL.

Most successful stage came coaching Alex Ferguson. Team managed to win many famous titles. While about the past glory remains only remembering. However Red Devils still be able to show good play.

"Star of the South"

Composition first time appeared in early last century. During time development "Bayern" won nickname most titled club Germany . Account about 60 major achievements.

Currently success started from early 2010s. Club demonstrated excellent football. Bayern strengthened in the first lines in the Bundesliga. Players managed achieve great results at continental tournaments.

Club often helped other teams and ordinary people. Several times Star of the South supported Munich 1860. Management implemented various options support:

• economically attractive transfers;
• free matches;
• financial transactions.

Now support works addressed. Team strives help people in need.

Real Madrid

List of the best football clubs world be incomplete without Real Madrid. FIFA recognized specified squad as the leader of football of the last century.

The team won 65 ranks national class. To the list get add 34 championships in the La Liga. Such achievements of other teams no.

"Real Madrid" originated in beginning of the last century. Through 18 years of existence team gave title royal.

Leadership in Spanish football roster tried to take over from the beginning. Achieve this succeeded thanks to set reasons. The team is renowned for its comprehensive approach to training. Coaches try to focus on several parameters:

1. Physical condition of athletes.
2. Selection.
3. Tactics of action.

Meticulous preparation helps white win championships. About the pluses of the of the team successfully talk for hours. More 10 times Real Madrid won in European cup competitions.

Club never didn't leave from the national championship of the country. Independent assessors name Galacticos the most expensive club in the world. Approximate value at the time of study amounted to 4.2 billion USD.

Annual income decent. Club earns on resale of players, advertising contracts, sponsors. Impressive income is selling tickets for matches.