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The place of Viva Park Dong Nai is next to Giang Dien KDL, Trang Bom district, Dong Nai province. This can be the location that is considered as "Dalat miniature, right at the particular access of Saigon" due to the scenery around the particular hills, waterfalls and bliss weather Da Lat.
What is the current precise location of the Viva Park project?
The particular flycam shooting location.
Exactly what future transportation infrastructure will attract investment?
In this particular article will analyze the location of Viva Park Dong Nai project to be able to help you have a great objective view of the particular project:

giang dienI. Are usually current location of the Viva Park Dong Nai task that attracts buyers?
Area of Viva Park task in Dong Nai land may be the gateway of typically the whole South and performs the role of shifting the whole region.
Ownership of the national anchor system through many areas.

Dong Nai River will be the greatest river in Vietnam lying completely within our own territory. Along the lake, there is a dense waterway system, especially the port, and it is advantageous to create a heavy water port because of the big river basin and strong river.

Particularly in Jingle Nai, there are 7 railway stations for transporting folks and goods along with a total length of 87. 5 km, sales for over 5% from the total length of Vietnam railway and a freight artery.

Long Thanh Airport is 5000ha (50km2) and becomes a cargo plus passenger transshipment center along with about 80 million people a year.