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Later that night we drove down to a nearby beach and watched the sunset. Afterward we topped the night down with a late supper at a Mexican restaurant. Then we settled into our resort and planned our trip for the following day.

We woke up early the following morning and possessed a light hotel morning meal. A while later we set out on our journey traveling up the California Coastal Highway referred to as Highway 101. That particular time had been our first loved-one's birthday and now we had been like two small children again, pleased and carefree! We saw many beaches that are lovely and stopped at look out points throughout the ocean along the highway. To us beauty that is such wonder was mesmerizing!

I discovered that California is mostly a landscape that is desert. It's such history and beauty, having a lovely influence that is hispanic.

I felt I could view the ocean for the remainder of my life and not tire of it also! It's beautiful blue green waters and life that is aquatic gorgeous beyond description! The sounds of the ocean are so calming also!

We drove through many famous California towns traveling north on Highway 101. Malibu ended up being one among the hip that is many along our journey.

Our objective had been to drive from San Diego north to San Francisco on Highway101, and stop to sight see on the way. We desired to movie the sun setting throughout the ocean every night. Needless to say we had been also video taping the lovely beaches that are inviting other sights also.

The 2nd night we made it so far as Camarillo, California. We settled in to a hotel that is nice decided to drive over to a local beach to see the sunset. The map we utilized revealed a few beaches about five miles from our hotel, so we started driving towards them. We had been in rural orange grove and strawberry field country. It all appeared extremely good and calm.
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4 Museum of Jurassic Tech:

The museum's collection includes a combination of artistic, scientific, ethnographic, and historic, in addition to some unexplained displays, it's an abode of intriguing mixture of fact and works that are fictional. It is certainly a place that is worthwhile have fun with your family when you are on a getaway.

5 Griffith Observatory:

The Griffith Observatory located in Griffith Park is just a astronomy that is free which offers tourists a free glimpse of just what it seems like in the space using the giant super Zeiss telescope. Additionally includes a wide view associated with serene Los Angeles environment plus some systematic works.

6 Disneyland park:

Its one of many two theme parks owned by Disney resort, this is a location your kiddies require to try out and flake out after having a long assignment work tasks. This is a fantasy come playground that is true of kid with equipped features including the ferry wheel, carousel and also the merry-go-round.

7 Hollywood Sign:

Talking of the american icon that is cultural landmark which can be situated on Mount Lee, within the Hollywood Hills area of the Santa Monica Mountains. The Hollywood sign is most beneficial viewed from below peeking up for a most readily useful view by tourists on what the indications are artistically erected in the contour of the mountain.