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Fresh from being named Test player of the year, Marnus Labuschagne is determined to lock down spots in all three formats for Australia.

Another chapter was added to the Queenslander's meteoric rise on Monday night when he edged out great mate Steve Smith for Australia's five-day award.

The 25-year-old grabbed his opportunity during the second Test of the Ashes - coming in as a concussion sub for Smith - and ran with it.

He averaged 50.42 across four Tests in England, before exploding with three centuries to open the Australian summer.

While delighted with his red-ball form, Labuschagne wants to nail down his spot in the ODI team and break into the Twenty20 side.

"I have always said I want to play all formats. I don't just want to be boxed into one single format," he said.

"I know that playing in the other formats is all about consistency.

"In one-day cricket, I got the opportunity in India and it's just about being more consistent.

"If I get an opportunity in T20 cricket down the road, it's (about) making sure I take that opportunity."

His rapid rise even resulted in Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar saying Labuschagne reminded him of his own composed batsmanship at the crease.

"To hear that from a player like that, it truly hit me," Labuschagne said.

"I actually saw it and I was like 'wow that is pretty cool'. I showed (wife) Bek and I said have a listen to this. It was really special.

"If there's an opportunity to learn from anyone, especially that calibre, it's to make sure you make that opportunity."